G & E Pumps services can be divided into four areas:


G & E can assist with the selection of the appropriate pump for your application. G & E can also help with the selection of the relevant flow rates, flow velocities, pipe sizes and sump dimensions. This support is backed up with over 30 years experience in the pump industry and with the use of the latest selection programs.


G & E specialize in the installation of the complete wet well submersible pump package. Our fully trained engineers will complete all the connecting pipe work in the pump and valve chambers, including the sluice and non-return valves, install the pedestal and guide rails, install and adjust the level controls, mount, connect and power up the control panel. After completing the installation they will then commission the system and sign it off with the site manager.

For package pumps and alarm systems where the client connects it themselves G & E will commission the system by testing that all aspects of the pump installation are working to the manufacturer’s specification.


Whilst G & E only use reputable pumps and associated equipment they do non the less need to be serviced and maintained. Each pump type, application and installation will require a specific maintenance program. G & E pumps offer an annual service contract where calls can be booked on a regular basis and site visit reports will give you a record of your pump systems status.


Whether it be a mechanical or electrical failure or a blockage, breakdowns are part and parcel of having a pump system. Regular maintenance and appropriate care with your waste handling will substantially reduce the occurrences of breakdowns but what happens when it does? G & E pumps offer a 24 hour / 365 day breakdown service to all the customers that have a service contract. This is not just the typical sales statement that is thrown out by others. Testimonials are available from customers that called G & E out last Christmas Day and New Year's Day. That is the commitment and support that is offered to customers who put their trust in G & E to look after their pumping system.

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